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Disturbances is an iterative interactive installation based in research on the invasive species plaguing Lake Michigan. The highlighted species include the sea lamprey, round goby, zebra mussel, and Asian carp. As a result of human carelessness these species pervaded into the lake and surrounding sites of water. Disturbances showed at Manifest in Chicago as a trial run in developing dialog on invasive species. The audio originated from a sound exciter placed under the metal pan. As the song plays, the viewer’s touch triggers sine waves from 40Hz – 80Hz causing cymatic responses. These visible manifestations of sound disrupt the song, causing a cacophony of clipping and noise. This piece serves as an entry point into my investigation of the visibility of human interference with natural systems. Disturbances plays heavily on the metaphor of the ripple effect to reveal the overlooked connections between humans and invasive species. Each touch from the viewer represents humanity's hand in the decay of Lake Michigan’s delicate ecosystem.

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